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Oct 20, 2011

Will start out with; I effin love this phone. I can't wait to learn how to root, etc... I'm hoping by the time I figure this all out, an ICS root will be available.

So, I bought this phone from the Verizon store and the salesman has the same phone and he showed me all the cool shit I can do.

One thing I remember seeing: he had several different 'profiles' he used. For instance, he had a straight forward profile for work. When he was out of work, he would switch to another that has babes as backrounds, innapropriate ringtones, and all his cool games and apps and a full custom look to it.

I'd like to figure out how he does this, do it myself, and help inform everybody here that they too can be as cool as the Verizon guy.

If you have a clue how to do this...please enlighten us.

Nope, I try not to be rude to people, it is If I Recall Correctly. I am rooted and running rom that doesn't have sense nor have I played around with Sense for about 4 months so I wasn't sure if I was correct ;)

You clicked "show" expecting some rudeness didn't you? :p

If you were really pimpin, you'd just get 2-3 different phones for each of those profiles.... :p
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