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Telus Htc Hero for sale...

Completely agree. I could buy a Telus Hero directly from Telus for just $500. Why would I pay $100 more for a used one?

Even the new factory unlocked Telus Heros on Ebay are hardly more than $500.

first off Telus wont ship to the US ..they only ship inside of canada ..second the phone is brandnew..thats my personal phone in the pics in the auction...every where i seen these for sale they are 550.00 an higher..look on ebay cant get them any cheaper...im actually asking 590.00 for the phone..do some lookin around and you will see my price is the same as everywhere else.if not cheaper...
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How did you get "freebies"? I plan on picking mine up soon and I don't want miss out.

No secret there, every store and salesman is a little different but you go in with facts and negotiate the best deal you can. Most sales people have the authorization to do 10-15% off of most retail stuff though not usually on items like phones where the carriers set the pricing. In that situation, you bargain on throwing stuff in like a bluetooth headset, case, car charger, bigger memory card, etc. Your only limit is how well you negotiate and whether you're talking to a salesman ready to make a deal. I called around before I drove to the store so I knew the guy was ready to play ball.
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