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Help Telus (SGH-T989D) & T-Mobile (SGH-T989). Are there any hardware & software differences?


Nov 29, 2013
I own a Telus (SGH-T989D) although I'm not in Canada and not using it in Telus network.

What I'm missing from this version is the Spanish language, which I don't care much for the UI, but do miss for text prediction and swype (I'm in a Spanish speaking country and can't expect others to speak English fluently).

I wanted to flash a T-Mobile (SGH-T989) ROM since that is likely to have Spanish, yet I'm hesitant because I'm not 100% sure the ROM won't brick my phone.

I've read several threads stating they are the same, yet haven't read any explicit statement like "the phones are exactly the same HW and just have different cosmetics" or "I have flashed a T-Mobile (SGH-T989) ROM in my Telus (SGH-T989D) and it worked like a charm".

Any experience will be much appreciated :)

I'm now waiting till I can get the ROM, since most ROMs were hosted in hotfile.com and since it was shutdown some are uploading the ROMs to other services, and S2 is a bit old, so they are likely leaving it for the end... so far I have Samsung Updates - Firmware Download Page which say they are uploading to terafile and rapidgator, but still uploading (well, I'd say queued for upload ;))
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