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samsung galaxy s2 x

  1. Vehyr

    Help Apps

    if I wan't to install apps from stores(aptoide , mobogenie , etc) it's saying me : X application is not installed, help me pls :(
  2. G

    Help Personal Splash screen always distorted ! T989

    Hi... I have this issue with my phone (Samsung SGH-T989D -Same as T-Mobile T-989) Every time I save my personal splash screen, it appears distorted and not the good collor... I use the PNG to RLE converter to see the original TELUS splash screen... Telus pic is bigger then it appears on booting...
  3. E

    Root galaxy s2 t989, 10.2.0 cyanogenmod, volume keys prob while video.

    galaxy s2 t989, 10.2.0 cyanogenmod, volume keys prob while video. As, stated, my phone's volume buttons don't work while i'm watching a video (flash / embedded youtube) online. work fine in the youtube app, and other apps, and even when i'm just browsing the net. but once i click for a video...
  4. J

    Help Galaxy SIIX SGH-T989D crashing issues

    Hi, I'm looking for some general advice and troubleshooting for my phone's issues. My phone started crashing very often, sometimes at complete random, as well as when I was using it fairly heavily (any app that froze my phone for a second before loading before the crashing would now crash my...
  5. L

    Help phone dead?

    Hey there, so here is my situation, I have a s2x which I rooted a while back. After the root everytime I would try to turn off my phone the 4 LEDs on the bottom would stay on, and so would the screen, only it would be black. the only way to power off the phone was to take out the battery. The...
  6. Ghack

    Help Samsung SGH-T989 and Kies

    Why it keeps saying to me "The connected device is not supported by Kies 2.6" for my Samsung SGH-T989? I'm trying to upgrade my phone from 2.3.6 to a newer version. I've tried in 3 different computers with 3 different operative systems and still nothing :mad: Thanks indeed.
  7. J

    Help T989d stock rom help!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bit of help with my Samsung T989d. My carrier is PC Mobile, and I tried rooting my phone, but failed, and the backup I had created would not load correctly, so I had to flash it with a Telus Stock Rom. Now, before I get into more detail, I should explain that PC...
  8. Ghack

    Help Galaxy S2 SGH T-989

    Hey guys, i recently got a Galaxy 2 SGH T-989 with T-Mobile Sim Card. But i live in other country and i want to unlock the phone. So, my questions are: 1. Can i update the phone to KitKat and after that unlock it? 2. If i unlock the phone with 2.3.6 Gingerbread, can i update the phone to new...
  9. E

    Root Installing CyanogenMod question and help

    Have Rooted Galaxy S 2 t-989. updated to 4.1.2. Clock work recovery mod installed (over a year old) What's my next step for installing CyanogenMod? I am guessing I follow this How to Install CyanogenMod on the Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) ("hercules") - CyanogenMod from where it says...
  10. B

    Help Phone not connecting to pc (only charges)

    My phone was connecting to the computer perfectly fine the other day but we just had a power outage last night from a big snow storm, since my battery died I figured id leave it plugged in via usb to charge once the power came back on and my only guess is that something happened and it wiped the...
  11. Criplor

    Help broken rear-facing camera

    The rear-facing camera (the regular one) on my phone stopped working. Whenever I try and open my basic camera app, my phone freezes and I get a message saying that my camera stopped working. I know the front facing camera is still working because I can access it through snap chat. I have tried...
  12. E

    Jellybean 4.1.2 TLUMC4 (Koodo SGH-T989D ONLY)

    the file Jellybean 4.1.2 TLUMC4 (Koodo SGH-T989D ONLY) has been removed from the web site for download. does any body have it handy? thanks
  13. D

    Help Telus (SGH-T989D) & T-Mobile (SGH-T989). Are there any hardware & software differences?

    I own a Telus (SGH-T989D) although I'm not in Canada and not using it in Telus network. What I'm missing from this version is the Spanish language, which I don't care much for the UI, but do miss for text prediction and swype (I'm in a Spanish speaking country and can't expect others to speak...
  14. T

    Unresponsive Touch Screen

    Hey all I have a Samsung Galaxy S II X that just went black a few days ago and when I turned it back on, the touchscreen was no longer responsive. The bottom buttons (the home, back, search, etc) buttons seem to work and be responsive but nothing else. I pulled the battery many times. I...
  15. G

    How do I clear my music player?

    Hopefully this one should be pretty straightforward. I had a bunch of music on my microSD card, however said card shat the bed. That's not the end of the world, but my music player still shows all the music that isn't there anymore, and it's becoming quite frustrating. In the player I...
  16. R

    Root were to find roms

    were do you find roms for samsung gt-7560m koodo thanks rooted
  17. R

    Root rooting s2x

    i need help rooting s2x koodo canada model gt-s7560m andriod verson 4.0.4 baseband version s7560mvlalj7 kernel 3.0.8-1149290 i need help rooting if i pess and hold volume down power down it goes to dowload mode if i hold power on volume up it reboots i f i hold volume up volume down power down...
  18. E

    Default Camera app, how to change?

    Two questions, with a rooted galaxy s2x 4.2, if you touch the lock screen and rotate it brings you to the default camera. I want to change it to a downloaded camera (camera MX just for an example, but is willing to take suggestions) 2: is there someway i can change the default 'picture...
  19. Criplor

    Help Back-facing camera stopped working

    The back-facing camera (the reular one) on my phone stopped working. Whenever I try and open my basic camera app, my phone freezes and I get a message saying that my camera stopped working. I know the front facing camera is still working because I can access it through snap chat. I have tried...
  20. W

    Help 4.1.2 Homescreen Rotation

    Does anyone know if it is possible to disable screen rotation for the homescreen while maintaining rotation for other apps? After recrntly upgrading, I find it very annoying that when I exit apps, my homescreen is in landscape mode. Thanks!
  21. V

    Help poor battery life

    Hi, Looking for some suggestions... a few months ago, I rooted my Galaxy T989 and installed CM 10.1 on it. About that time, I started noticing my battery life wasn't as good as it used to be. I was making it work by charging my phone while at the office (using a blackberry cable, universal...
  22. Harper77

    Listening to music from phone through PC

    I have music on my Galaxy S2x that I want to listen to through my computer, via usb cord. Kies is a piece of garbage and never works half the time. Is there an alternate way I can listen to my music on my Windows desktop from my phone? :confused:
  23. W


    Hello, how can I print things from my Samsung Galaxy S II ? thank you
  24. H

    Phone acting weird

    Early last week, my phone died so I plugged it into a 12v car charger in the car and when it was charging it said 0% charge and the percentage would never go up, but it still displayed that it was charging. Then suddenly the screen just shut off and my phone would just vibrate every 5 seconds...
  25. R

    Root 4.1.2 root?

    Ok so I just updated to 4.1.2 and am missing my root access now. Can I root on this firmware? I looked at [ROOT] Jelly Bean root update [ROOT] - Android Forums. I have the files from that short guide downloaded and on my SD card. But it almost seems too simple... Should I do it or find another way?