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Help Terrible Wifi Signal


Dec 19, 2011
My girlfriend just picked up a new Galaxy 551 (white) with Virgin. :eek: Three days in and she loves everything about the phone except for the Wifi.

Wifi connects to the house router fine and we don't have any problems with it disconnecting, however, the signal strength is terrible. All areas of the house show one bar signal, and trying to browse the internet or look on Facebook is worst than dial-up (wow, long time ago!). If you want to load pictures, forget it. :(

We can pick up two bars in the same room as the router, three bars if we sit on the floor beside the router. Everything works fine with three bars, two bars is reasonable.

Is the signal strength on the Galaxy 551 really this bad? If so, is there anything we can do to boost the signal? My iPod picks up three bars anywhere in the house. We're seriously considering returning the phone and upgrading.


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