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Help Tether Droid to Wireless Router??

I have a weekend home that I have a wireless printer and wireless router at. I DO NOT have a landline modem or internet connection. When I need to use my laptop at my weekend home I use PDANet to tether via USB to receive internet connectivity.

I can't print to my wireless printer that is connected to my wireless network, because I am connected to the internet via my Droid. Also, my children's laptop can't connect to the internet due to only 1 laptop being able to tether at one time.

Desired Solution:
If there is some way I can tether my Droid to my wireless router, then I can print wirelessly while allowing myself and my children to also have access to the internet. If anyone knows how to do this, or of a better solution (outside of paying monthly for internet) for my problem, feel free to let me know.



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