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Text/Answer/screen lock issues


Dec 2, 2009
I've searched on here and can't find the threads. How do you turn off the screen when in a call? I'm tired of hanging up or pushing buttons while talking. And is there a better lock screen out there? I've looked on the market place, but haven't really found any. I want to have the choice of unlocking my phone when it rings before I can answer.

Also, I get delays on my messages where I can see there is a blinking light, but the sound won't notify me of a text until I wake up the phone. Anyone else getting hits? I use Handcent.

set your screen timeout to 15 sec in the phone settings and then in the screeble settings adjust the tilt slider to deactivate awake lock while in an upright position(talking position). your screen will still stay on for 15 seconds during a call however, but you can still do your other functions (browsing etc) without worrying about constantly keeping the screen on
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