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Help Text/Handcent issues, questions


Dec 14, 2009
Hi all. I'm new to the forum, but have had my Droid for a few weeks and have been pretty happy with it, for the most part. One issue I've had, though, has been SMS/MMS reliability, and I would just like some feedback and opinions on what the deal is, exactly, here.

I downloaded Handcent pretty much right away when I got the phone, and have been using it 100% of the time for texting, until just recently, when I got fed up and downloaded Chomp. It seems good thus far, but I honestly cannot stand the bubbles. In any case:

Handcent eats messages. I've had the issue where I get the notification, can read the first few lines of the message in the notification bar, but then when Handcent is opened, the message is gone. I've read Market comments and threads on this forum that other people have this issue. And yesterday, my girlfriend didn't receive two texts -- one SMS and one MMS -- that I sent her. I tried resending the MMS. Still didn't get it. I then resent it with the stock messaging app and she got it. Ten minutes later. Incidentally, she just got an iPhone whereas I just got the Droid, so it's kind of tough to say absolutely where the problem is.

I guess my questions are:

  • Have you had issues with Handcent/Chomp not sending or receiving texts?
  • Have you had issues with the stock messaging app not sending or receiving texts?
  • Any ex-iPhone users or friends of iPhone users know of any issues with sending/receving text?
  • Any chance this is a problem with my phone?

Thanks and I appreciate your input.

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