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Help "Text" msg on start-up


Nov 28, 2020
I've checked with local AT&T store where I bought my phone about 2 years ago. The guy there has not seen or heard of this before.
I get a spam text message (see attached screen clip) when I turn on my phone. Not always, not every day, but more often than not, sometimes 3-4 times a day. I cannot proceed without canceling the message. The message does not show in call logs or text message logs. Phone numbers on message listed change each time. ANNOYING AS HELL. I cannot figure out how to block it or stop it. I do not what to call either number in the message....it will just put me on an active number list and I'll get more messages. AT&T guy said to call the number and ask to be removed from call list. lol Like that will do any good. My number has been on NO-CALL list since I got it and I still get spam calls.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Do NOT call that phone number! Don't do it, that AT&T support guy was dishing out dangerous advice. That's clearly a spam message and you need to active steps to remove it. Then when that's done if you recall his name, call that AT&T service center, ask to talk to a manager, and tell him that clown either needs to be sent back to school or fired. But again, don't call that number, all it will do is flag your phone number as a potentially easy-to-compromise target for a lot more spam messages and exploits.

But getting back to that popup message, have your tried just restarting your phone? That might eliminate it on the remote chance it's just a temporary infection. Otherwise, if double-check your phone's Settings menu for anything suspicious -- the Battery menu might show some odd app running. A more extensive way to check your phone's background processes is to use the 'Running services' option that's already in your phone's Developer Options menu:
Running services shows a lot more than the Battery menu, and includes a tabbed 'Show cached processes' option that you should also check.
You might also want to try installing and using a reputable anti-virus/anti-malware app so I'll suggest you try Malwarebytes:
I'm not a big fan of anti-malware utilities for Android but when there is a specific need it might be necessary in this instance.
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