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Help Text msgS AND Contacts dissapearance


Aug 30, 2011
Hi all

I'm new to this forum- am hoping someone can give me some guidance?! Thanks!

Have a desire- earlier this evening I was in the 'manage apps' directory trying to free some space- deleting caches etc. Am wondering whether I made a hideous error- I was searcning through one program- unsure which one- when the phone suddenly shut down. I can't recall which caches by this point I had 'deleted'

On restart to my horror... all 2000 plus messages and all my contacts had disappeared. I restarted phone again- no joy.

I do have some of the contacts backed up and some of the messages - via my phoneexplorer.

As far as I can see it is only the contacts and the texts which have been lost- am wondering whether I have deleted a cache of one of the system apps-therefore losing data-is this possible?

So is there anyway I can 'undelete' and retrieve these recent valuable text messages??

thanks in advance



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