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Help texting issue


Nov 2, 2010
I have a Samsung galaxy s vibrant.. One phone drops the area code from one of my contacts when i select them from my contact list or try to respond to texts they send.... I therefore have to enter their number manually everytime i want to respond or start a conversation.... this happens with no other contact......

Sorry I don't have the answer but I just wanted to say I feel your pain! I have a couple of contacts who I probably originally entered in gmail on-line with their mobile numbers entered without area code prefixes. Now they've been imported to the Vibrant & I can't text them. I've tried deleting them as contacts on the phone and on gmail on-line, then turning off the phone, restarting and then re-entering the contact in gmail with the area code prefix but the damn phone still 'remembers' the cell number without the area code! So, the question seems to be, where is it storing this information that it can use to restore to that contact's profile? It must be somewhere in the file structure of the internal sd as I don't have an external sd card yet.
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