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Help Texting Issues

Would anyone be able to help Infamous Ob?

Infamous Ob said:
Phone Specs:

Boost Mobile
Samsung Replenish
Android Version 2.3.6

I'm having an issue with my messaging system. My phone was out of service until I recently paid my bill. During the time it was off, I was sending messages to my contacts through their carrier's email address.

Example: Boost Mobile's is yournumber@sms.myboostmobile.com

Anyway, now that my phone is up and running, some of my contact's Texts still come to my phone from their carrier's email address. Its so annoying to see carrier sms Texts coming to my phone. I've asked everyone who's still replying to me as carrier form to delete my contact and re-add my number. Some of the sms Texts are still coming from carrier emails to my phone.

I went into my phone settings and cleared my messaging cache, cleared my DRM and some of the messages come to my phone properly, but a few still by carrier emails. Is there anything I can do to completely fix this? I wonder why my messaging system is still using the carrier form now that my phone is on, it makes no sense. Any help, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




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