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Texting timing issue


Jul 10, 2013
Hi all. :) Just joined because I just converted to the smartphone world yesterday and already having issues.

My husband has an Optimus S, and I don't have the issue with him. My mother has a Chocolate on Verizon, and my friend has an iPhone on Verizon, and another friend has a Blackberry (?) on AT&T and I have issues with all three of them.

Say I send a message to Sally at 9:31pm, she messages me back 2 minutes later, but it comes up as having received at like 4:33pm, so above my sent message, I send one back a minute later, and it comes up that I sent at 9:34pm, she sends one back 2 minutes later, but it comes up as 4:36pm, and now both of her messages are above my two messages.

It's confusing, it's inconvenient, I'm missing messages, and it's hurting my head! Please help! :D


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