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Right. The year I spent with my iphone made me forget all the good stuff on android. Have you tried using Google Meet? It's supposed to be the same, or better than "face time".

I know several iPhone users, but non of them are using iMessage and Facetime, because those services are not available. So we never have any problems with messaging and calls between Android and iPhone.
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While your problem with text messaging 'could' be on your end, it's more likely due to your family's iPhones. I'd have them check their iMessage app settings as @ocnbrze suggested.

Apple is created a very inclusive, isolated environment for its users, and while something like email message exchanges are still seamless and we can all interact with each other no matter what email service we use, with text message exchanges it's a really messed up matter where there are competing, proprietary texting protocols that by design cannot interact with each other. Apple has opted to not allow any other platforms include iMessage support in their text messaging apps/services so that creates a barrier between Android and iPhone users. We get screwed while the Big Tech corporations play their games. So currently, all of us can only rely upon SMS and MMS as the only two texting protocols all the text messaging services still support (oddly, Signal just recently announced it was dropping even that because of security concerns) The thing is, SMS and MMS date back decades, they're both really out-of-date protocols that simply cannot fully support today's technology needs. But with something like text messaging exchanges between Android and iPhone users, that's all we get. So when it involves something like a group iMessage text message, you'll only receive a MMS text message. It will be stripped of some formatting and such compared to an iMessage to iMessage exchange, but at least it's something.
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