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texts don't send while in 4G


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Apr 28, 2014
Anyone else have this problem with there M8 on VZW? Texts take around 10 minutes to go through while in 4G.. Pics go through no problem while in 4G just not messages.. No problems with 3G. Only when in 4G.. I've let VZW know and they seem to fix it then the nest day its back to not sending while in 4G.. Its really annoying
I'm on EE in the UK and have had an intermittent problem with texts in the last 6 weeks or so - since they started introducing 4G in my area.

After a few days my phone will decide not to send any texts. A restart and then they'll go. A factory reset and new SIM card haven't solved the problem

Level 2 tech support have admitted that this is a known problem on the M8 and have agreed to have it back for repair or replacement. I'm taking it in tomorrow and will update on progress
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