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the clock widget in Android 10, where are the alarm files stored?


Apr 25, 2021
I have a motor g7 power if that matters.

Needed to do a factory reset so I backed up my whole internal storage.

Now I need to get my alarms from before the reset back.

There were like 50 of them and I thought backing up all the internal storage meant I didn't have to write them all down.

They're not there when I opened the widget though
The clock widget, probably produced by a clock app, will depend on what phone you have. But most apps store their settings in /data/data/<package_name>. The idea is that each app stores its data in an area which only that app (or apps running with administrator privileges) can access - this is a basic security measure that stops e.g. that photo editor you installed from stealing your banking information. But this does also mean that the user can't see these data either (if you could then so could that hypothetical rogue app you installed).

Unfortunately what this means is that if you "backed up your internal storage" by simply copying everything you could see to another device you will have missed the settings (and other data) of most of your apps.
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