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The Evo's longevity


Feb 7, 2011
Around the 11th, I'm going to be jumping into a new two year contract with sprint. I'm very strongly considering getting the Evo after doing quite a bit of research into the very phones and determining that it seems to be the best they offer for my particular desires.

However, the Evo is nearly a year old. A bunch of phones on Verizon (Droid X, Droid Incredble, etc) are all EOLing next month and are around the same age. Given the Evo's age, does it make sense to buy one at this point in time? Do things look good for it being supported and updated for a while?

I haven't checked when I'd be able to upgrade in the contract, but I suppose it would probably be at least a year. So, first and foremost, will this phone be worth having for at least another year? I'm leaning towards yes. The Evo does seem to be a very nice phone. It'll be pretty hard to shuck this one to the back of the bus.

I've been lurking for a few days, and I thought this would make a good first post. Thought I'd get the community's opinion on the matter! :)
I've had the Evo since launch day and have been highly impressed with it. I love almost everything about it but I'm actually eligible for a new phone upgrade as of a week ago (Feb 1st). I'm an Android fanatic so I'm already die'n to see what the next big thing will be that I can get but as of now...the Evo is still it. With the new dual core processors being packed into phones, Sprint will undoubtedly have a new top of the line phone sometime this year. I have no idea how long it will be until that new phone comes out (Sprint IS having a big announcement tonight but rumors don't point towards it being something I'm interested in) but the Evo will likely be sufficient for another year to come.
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