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The Onion Reports New Google Service Whispers Ads While On The Phone [Humor]


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Apr 12, 2008
Everyone’s wondering what next leap Google will take in the evolution of targeted advertisements, and I think we may have found the answer: targeted ads based on the conversation you’re having with someone on the phone. The Onion is reporting that the new technology would whisper an advertisement into your ear as soon as it [...]

Am I the only one that hasn't been able to watch this? Lots of user's posted LOL, HA HA HA, So funny etc.... on the article.

And yet here I am getting connection reset everytime I try to go to theonion.com and no video loading in the posted article on phandroid.

Did we Phandroid the onion? (Kinda like slashdotting sites, where a popular site links to a site that can't handle the traffic).

Edit: Found it on youtube for those in the same boat as me.

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