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Help The phone locked itself out of nowhere and added a password

Em Es

Aug 27, 2021

I'm writing to help a friend solve this issue: Allegedly, they were just browsing their phone when it suddenly locked itself out of nowhere. Now, the only thing appearing is this screen attached into pictures below.

The phone never had any security, the main screen was Swipe to Unlock and no password had been set up, making this situation even weirder. None of Google log-in options appear either and I can't access the settings.

The text of the notification in the 2nd screenshot mentions that "Moto Action gestures are active"
Below it there's text that reads "Unlocking all data and functionality"

This is really weird. Anyone know what's going on and if I can bypass this?

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Your friend obviously did set up a lockscreen password at one time (just randomly guessing the necessary password is mathematically not going to happen) so you should be the proactive one and get things settled now. Have her go into the Settings menu, open up the menu for Security, and intentionally set up a lock screen with a password or gesture or whatever that she won't forget.
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