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The Samsung UI Document is Fascinating Reading


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Jul 3, 2010
This is going to probably put the nail in the coffin, but it's good to see they did something like this.

It really shows Apple's obsessive attention to detail. How much can be fixed, without further lawsuits, I wonder?

A lot has been fixed in the UI since the Galaxy S1. For instance, as I read through, I'm checking up on things on my Galaxy S3. Here's a few that they just adopted the Apple "standard" on:

1) When sending a text to multiple recipients, now says "and x others" like on the iPhone.
2) Calculator (really nice now) inserts commas to help in easy of use.
3) Samsung memo program is uber-fancy (bloated and hard to use actually, though fun if you like doodling) but hey, you can actually see the date of the file easily if you change it to a list view, as recommended in the report.
4) If you switch to an app while on a call, top bar flashes green just like on the iPhone.
5) Slide right to call someone back in call log. On iPhone you just touch (personally I like Samsung's implementation better.)
6) We finally got battery percentage numbers as recommended.
7) Moving all the way back up still easier in browser on iPhone. Touch the top bar. Samsung introduced physically hitting the phone to do the same thing, lol. Probably not possible in Android.

Stuff they haven't changed:
1) Calendar icon still not smart enough to show the date. Apple probably has a patent on it anyway.
2) End Call button still just one button among many, designer recommended they use a big red button at the bottom like the iPhone.
3) Video player still has no "end" button, requiring use of the hard-key back button - against even current Google guidelines.
4) Still haven't adopted Apple's browser double-tap after zoom method. Was recommended.

There's a ton more, bu I'm tired. But I'm very curious to see just how much Apple did first...
I thought everything in the lawsuit was total crap, but looking at the evidence it really is apparent Samsung copied a lot of Apple's UI.

The funny thing is Samsung wouldn't be in this situation if they hadn't created touchwiz. Stock android is much better anyways. If they hadn't tried to make the android UI look like iOS they would have better phones with quicker updates running stock android and have a much better defense...
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