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The Wolvol Android netbook


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Feb 17, 2011
North Dakota
Amazon.com: WolVol NEW (Android 4.0 - 1GB RAM) SOLID BLACK 10inch Laptop Notebook Netbook PC, WiFi and Camera with Flash Player (Includes Mini PC Mouse): Computers & Accessories

This is a netbook sold with android 4 installed on it - very similar specs to the original ASUS EEE. Can anyone see any benefit of buying this over a tablet with a bluetooth keyboard? The first thing I noticed is that the battery life is pretty weak. It might be more convenient to use the keyboard on this than the bt keyboard because this keyboard is fixed to the screen...any ideas? I need portable computing but I don't plan to do any really involved stuff. I need the typical - ebooks, web surfing, music videos, chatting...I do need to do simple word processing, spreadsheets and powerpoint but the apps are out there. The most involved task I need to do is Skype with video, a video recording app in use with powerpoint and notepad all at the same time. I don't know if this is too taxing for a droid.
I wouldn't bother. I've tried a few cheapo Android netbooks very similar to this one. Main problem I found is that they lack touch-screens, and trying to control Android from a dinky little track-pad was less than satisfactory IMO. Which is most likely why they've included a mouse with this one.

In addition to the above, our forum sticky very much applies here...

Given your requirements, about Skype and video recording and powerpoints and notepad at the same time. You'd probably be better off with a regular PC laptop.
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