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Root [Themed ROM] The SHIZ (ESE81 - Built from Source - 5/26) **7 Theme Choices**

JRummy's "The SHIZ"

ESE81 Built from source
Bekit's Stock Kernel

Optional Kernels:

Any kernel compatable w/ other ESE81 roms should work.
(Report results here)

What makes this the Shiz:

-Built from source
-7 Theme Choices
-Added additional apps:
Teminal Emulator
Wifi Tether
Desire Calculator
(Additional addons can be found below)
-Removed apps:
Google Goggles (download from market)
-Added common Linux commands
-Added 120 custom scripts (see below)
-Updated and fixed over 100 .9 images for themes
-Added Launcher w/ 5 screens
-Added up-to-date superuser app by ChainsDD

The SHIZ (ESE81 - Built from Source - 5/26) **7 Theme Choices** - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum
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Downloaded it and installed. Seemed to be okay. I used the NexTheme version and it was very similar to the NexBeast 1.01. Seemed a bit slower though. I am going back to my backup of the NexBeast just because it was running perfectly for me. I was curious on this one and I appreciate your hard work. Good job.
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