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Things I should know and probably don't?


Mar 26, 2011
Hey :)

So i am VERY new to android... as in, don't have one yet :p
I recently bought an android online (ebay) and have a few days to receive it.
I didn't realize how little i knew until i really started looking.

So, lets help the newby and make me a list of the most important (and sub important) things i need to know about android, the phone...EVERYTHING/ANYTHING.

Thanks :D (you just need to make the list, i can research them from there)

the cool thing about the free apps on the market is it allows you to DL and then delete if you don't like the products. Personally, I don't use launcher pro, as I found it to cause my device to lag and perform a little more slowly. Also, Hancent sms had some issues with FC's as well on my Dinc. However, GOSMSpro works outstanding and is way faster than hansent imo. But try them all out.
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