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This looks really promising - Wikitude Drive

Yeah, I'm having the same issue. I got mine this morning, but I didn't have a chance to use it until this evening. Tried to use it and I get the same update issue, but there is no update. The app is no longer on the market so I guess they got their 2000, pulled the app, and messed something up so we couldn't update.
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We need someone to post it so we can all get a chance to try it out. Come on android world, post the Wikitude Drive apk here so we can try it out to...

I don't think the apk will help as it was designed to stop working after a short time.

wikitude.org said:
Fellow testers,
Thank you for participating in our Wikitude Beta Test phase and also thank you for the great feedback!
** Currently Wikitude Drive does not work because the routing server is disabled **
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Works for me but then again I am in Germany :) Won't replace my CoPilot or iGo with it though.. a nice supplement though.

How did you manage to get it going in Europe, I was hoping to grab it yesterday, but it was a no-go from the market.

I am currently using Motonavs iGo version, and Google Navigation with Maps BRUT. How is it compared to these services?
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