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Time to say goodbye to my beloved LG V30

V60 prices have dropped but LG is out of the phone business now. Just a consideration.

They announced they will still do system updates for 3 years but I'm not banking on that.

The phone itself is great. The 2nd screen/case is not a necessity. I use my phone in a regular case and only use the 2nd case at home.

Quad Dac, headphone jack, sd card all still there and the battery is really good especially w/no second screen.
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Wow! Love the galaxy s21 ultra 5g and it's specs.
Any ideas where I can get a great deal without signing on to a new carrier? I am on simple metro pcs.

Here in Jinan, China, I just got a nice deal on a Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, and the local Samsung store had deals on Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G as well. Of course there's no carrier contract commitments in this country. What really sold me on the Note20 rather than S21, is the Note20 can use micro-SD for expandable storage and the S21 doesn't.
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