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Root Titanium not restoring app data from retired phone's backup

I need to rant/rage a bit.

I believe it is unreasonable for users to have to ditch all their apps and data when they switch phones. I refuse to start all over on games, and lose my page in my books. AND this should haven't have to be done with root access. sigh.
Spent 3.5 hours last nighttrying to temp root and restore my app data last night. I seem to hit a problem at every step but did actually make some progress. I even got the infinite bootloop and had to do a reset.

I managed to achieve temp root using the CON247 method eventually, but couldn't get Titanium to recognize the back up I had made on my Incredible. I am using the same SD card from the old phone. According to the TB wiki, hitting the "Problems?" button should fix it, but does not. Next is:
17. The "Problems?" button fails to work. What should I do ?

  • You can also install BusyBox manually. Read on...
  • Download busybox 1.15.3 or 1.16.0 and unzip it.
  • Copy the "busybox" file to the root directory of your phone's SD card.
  • Remount the SD card in the phone.
  • Open a shell on the phone (using either "adb shell" or the free "ConnectBot" app) and do:
  • Installing busybox into TB's data folder:
    su cd /data/data/com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup/files cat /sdcard/busybox > busybox chmod 755 busybox rm /sdcard/busybox
  • Exit the shell and restart Titanium Backup. If it says "busybox from app" then it's a success !
TB - Troubleshooting
I downloaded busybox but this is where my computer knowledge gets maxed out as I have no idea how to get all of that typed in. I know nothing about a host.

1) Is doing a restore from a different phone even possible?
2) What can I do different?

tl;dr - Trying to restore a backup of app data from a previous phone, Titanium doesn't recognize the backup.

I did find this other seemingly relevant thread but I am unable to test it now.


Stupid stupid stupid.
I don't mess around with the root stuff often. But I found that Titanium's Back up was pointing to the "internal SD" and not the ext. After redirecting it, it found my previous back up fine.

For some reason, rooting doesn't work every time for me. So even after discovering all of that, I still had to wait a while before I could get it rerooted to restore.

Restoring apps now. Awesome..

Thanks for listening.
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