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Going to be really fun live streaming, downloading, and going data-crazy next to an iPhan who 1) can't connect or 2) is amazed by the Evo speed or 3) finds out that I data-devour whenever without regard to how much or what type it is. Then I'll send them a few dozen giant video files that they'll be scared to open when they see the file size on their email/ATT account.

Yep, I'll probably burn several GBs just to annoy some of my iPHan Kool-aid drunks.
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I thought this was funny! And the girl is cute too!!!


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I read almost all of the posts. I have no idea why..

It was amazing the amount of interest in the EVO from Apple fans..

Even more amazing the people that kept doing the math and seeing how much money they could save by using Sprint's phone and data service..

Funny how people here are bitching about the $10 dollar fee and the AT&T and Verizon people were looking at the money the could save regardless of the fee

You know if HTC-Sprint dropped a Tablet like the I-PAD the market could really become interesting..
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Every girl is cute in their avatar picture...I'm a cute girl in my avatar picture and I'm a 38 yr old man

I just bursted out laughing in a cafe over this one. This should be an instant classic.

I spent a lot of time on the site because I was waiting for the new macbook pro, which I bought the day it came out. In that section there were a lot of threads promoting other laptops over macs, and the person didn't get banned, unless they were spamming or something.

THere are quite a few threads about android over there, and some good discussion. I would be careful to call them crazy fanboys when many on this site do the same thing -android is liberating, iphone is totally horrible, etc.

I don't want an iphone because I actually think Sprint is better than AT&T in Columbus Ohio. And I also don't want to pay $30 more a month for worse service. However, iphones are excellent phones, an apple does an excellent job of making there products work -from videos, music, apps, store, etc.

One of the concerns I already have with htc and sprint, is that they throw out great technology, but don't have the pathway built to a great user experience, and many people are left to find sites like this for information on how to actually be productive with the phone.

I want to know when I buy this phone that sprint will update quickly to the new operating system, and that google, htc, and sprint will work together to make the user experience excellent. Getting lost in specs is trivial if their usability sucks - like having a 64 bit computer and no apps for it. I have a touch diamond, if it wasn't for android, I would be buying an iphone tomorrow. I hope the three companies can work together and make the experience of using this phone enjoyable.
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