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Help Too many freezes & force closes




I have a rooted Fascinate, obviously.. or I wouldn't be in this thread!

My problem: After a second re-root my SF has been very buggy. My first root was successful. I messed something up trying to install voodoo and had to flash back to stock. Now, after a second buggy root I am faced with many freezes and FC's. (primarily in com.android.settings, but will float to various apps)

Battery pulls don't seem to help. After a certain amount of using my phone, hopping wi-fi, maps, email.. just normal use.. something will need to FC.

Within the next few days I plan on un-lagfixing my phone & un-rooting it. Ultimately I'd like to take it back stock and not root.

This leads to my question: what is THE BEST way to flash stock. I don't want anything left. I can tell there was something left from my first root because ads still do not show up. I had an ad block program installed on my first root.

Any advice, help?
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You can try completely removing voodoo here: [How to] Completely Remove Voodoo Lagfix - xda-developers (use the manual method, not the automatic uninstaller)

Afterwards, flash to stock using odin with this: Odin Restore files to get you to stock - xda-developers

And if you're unsure of anything, go on mIRC and chat with someone for live help:
irc.freenode.net channel Samsung-Fascinate

Hope some of this leads you to the right direction!

what bruins said. :)

yeah definetly going all the way back to stock is the way to go in your case
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