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Help Touch Screen not working


Jul 15, 2011
Sometimes when Im on the internet or doing anything my touch screen will just stop working. The screen is still lit up and everything. Its just the touching part that doesnt work AT ALL. Even the four, home, menu, back, and search, buttons dont work. This started happening yesterday, Sept 1. The most recent app that I downloadedd when this started happening was the go sms pro app. Since I downloaded the touch sensitive would stop working. I removed the app so I dnt think that was the problem because it still kept happening. I have to keep turning my phone off and on until it starts to work. Basically everything works else works fine except for the touch sensitive screen and the four buttons. Please help on how to fix. It stops working more than it stays working so its a hassle and I have to like turn it off a billion times for it to start working again.
Oh and it is rooted.
My wife's EVO 4g touchscreen (we have 4 of them) became unresponsive. It would respond barely, but could not easily be unlocked, nor would any buttons respond properly. If I touched one part of the screen, a random section or button might respond. I tried peeling the screen protector off and even removing the case protector and rebooting it. I could not get to settings to try to recalibrate the screen.

As soon as I unplugged the wall charger she recently bought at Walmart, it was fine. I plugged the charger into my own EVO and the same situation occurred.
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