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Help touch screen unresponsive for a few seconds


Jan 30, 2011
so i recently rooted and flashed thunderom to my optimus..(which i would highly recomend doing if u havnt yet) and i got set cpu so i could overclock my cpu to 806mhz and i decided to use a profile to under clock while the sceen was off to savew a ton of battery life, but when i turn the scren back on and unlock it the screen is completely unresponsive to touch for about 3-5 seconds.. has anyone else had this problem. how do u fix it.

btw i know it because the cpu is over clocking itself causing the delay, but i want to know if its supposed to.
This is a known issue. Once again, I'm not next to my computer so I'll post a link when I get the chance.

**Update** Okay, so my memory didn't serve me well on this particular issue. Here is what I know...others have experienced this problem and haven't had much luck resolving. Some suggested fixes are (from easiest to irritating):

1) Reboot
2) Pull battery and reboot
3) Reduce your clock max (could be the #1 try actually) maybe only to 748. I know some are claiming stability at 806, but the screen issue could be a side effect.
4) Re-wipe everything (cache, dalvik, factory) then re-flash the ROM
5) Restore original nandroid backup and see if the issue persists from stock and while rooted and running custom ROM.
6) Some have had to exchange their device because they couldn't resolve it. Possible hardware issue?

I have a hunch that it's either your max clock speed or your device since this hasn't come up as an issue within thundeROM.
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