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Help touchscreen stopped working? what to do?


Mar 28, 2012
Recently my touchscreen stopped working. The phone boots, recieves calls and texts fine, but I cannot unlock the phone or do anything to it. I tried hard reseting it, but I can't press the proper but to get it to wipe. I figured the digitizer was shot, so I ordered one this past Sunday. It showed up today and I installed it, but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions? I'm figuring that I SOL so if anyone needs a new screen/digitizer already installed on the front frame with a new ear speaker, lmk.

On a side note, I've been looking at upgrading phones and possibly switching carriers cause the data on vm sucks. I'm wondering how the 4g is on VM? Should I switch to TMobile to get decent coverage? Also I've been looking at a HTC EVO V 4G and the Samsung S2. Is there a reason that the forum on here for the S2 is basically non-existant? I like the s2 better than the evo but I like cyanogenmod so I guess I'm stuck with the evo?


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