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Accessories TPU Case Review


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Jun 11, 2010
Picked up a TPU case in smoke Grey a couple of weeks ago and thught I would write my thoughs about it.

PRICE: The price is right. The quality of the case would demand a higher price I felt. (But see the whole review)

FEEL: The case is smooth, yet has some tooth to it, not sticky, but you wont just drop it. It feels good in the hand.

LOOK: It looks nice on the phone, doesnt make it look like a toy. My wife has a purple version and it also looks good.

FIT: It fits the phone well, and its too soft around the front edge. It slides in an out of my Verizon Leather case fairly well.

BUTTON ACCESS: This is where the case and I part ways. The buttons for camera, power and volume control are nearly unusable. I cant take photos unless I really press hard. The same goes for volume control. Since I use the HOME button to turn it on I didnt have issues with powering on the Dx. I had REAL problems with the button actions.

In the final tally, the case is well made, looks good, fits the device, & the price is right, but the button access is a show stopper for me.

Hope this helps someone.


Wow 121 views and no replies.

I just wanted to say I agree with you 100% on this review. The lack of button access is bothering me as well. So I've been back to a naked Droid X for now.

Wishing Otterbox would come out with something, but at this point meh. Not sure what to do.

Thank for taking the time to write this up!
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i just got the same case, for the price you can't go wrong. I ended up cutting out the silicone over the volume and camera buttons with an x-acto knife. The camera button is easier to press now, at least i can press half way down for focus; but the volume buttons are still a little difficult to get to; might open it up a little more.

I was just about to ask this question. Could you not cut, grind it open a bit and smooth it out?
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