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Trackball Notifications


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Dec 9, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
Hi everyone -

I am so confused on notifications. This is what I see happening by default.

SMS/MMS - Trackball
Exchange Email - Trackball

Gmail - Green LED
Google Talk - Green LED
Missed Call - Green LED

In my Settings --> Sound & Display --> Notifications --> Notification flash ... everything is checked for Trackball.

I'm curious is to how this is working for everyone else. I wish the trackball would only light up for SMS/MMS.

- Alex
On mine (I just tested it) I get:

Text message = Trackball light
eMail = trackball light
gMail = green LED
Missed call = trackball light

Testing right now to see how long the trackball blinks and if it times out.

My settings are trackball light checked for everything like the OP.

I'm kinda bored at work right now LOL.

Edit: Trackball times out after about 5 minutes.
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