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Help transferring apps to droid x


Mar 12, 2010
ok so i have seen some app transferring threads but my issue is a little different. I have my droid x already on my line and activated, my droid is just sitting on a shelf. I want some of he apps from the droid onto my droid x. These apps i want are no longer on the market though or now have restrictions on them like shazam and music junk. How can i transfer the actual app?
cool but how do i do that with my old droid that has no service

I'm guessing you're stuck at the activation screen?

I've heard this works but haven't tried myself. At the activation screen, touch the top left corner, then the top right, then the bottom right, then the bottom left. Then you can use wifi to access the market and download My Backup. If that doesn't work just do a google search for "bypass Droid activation" or something like that.
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