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Trouble getting photos off phone


Aug 28, 2022
Have had this LG phone for a couple of years and used to plug it into the USB port on my Win 10 laptop, opened File Explorer, clicked on the phone and downloaded the photos to the PC. A couple of days ago when I tried to go this the LG phone shows in File Explorer but when I click on it the right column says "This file is empty". ??? I've tried a couple different USB cables and also tried a different USB port... still the same problem. Everything it up to date and it used to work. Anyone know what's wrong???
Didn't want to download any more apps... running out of memory on this cheap Android phone.

I finally figured out how to fix the problem. With the Android phone connected via USB (using Windows 10) opened Control Panel > Devices & Printers > at the bottom there was an icon of a printer and camera. I deleted it and then went to Add Device at the top and it found the phone and then it connected so I could download my photos directly to the computer as I have in the past. Hope this helps someone else with the same problem.
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