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Root trouble with the apps to sd


Aug 6, 2010
I finally was able to root my droid eris and was also able to download and install apptoSD2 on my eris and when i click on the app, it tells me i need to partition my sdcard. I selected what i want the FAT32 and the ext2 to be and hit apply and it then tells me it is done and i need to reboot it and has a button to click but it didn't work so i did it by going to power and shutting down and restarting, but nothing happens, i even went back to the app several times after trying it and it tells me the same thing each time. Is there something i am forgetting to do, or what can i do to partition my sdcard and be able to save my apps to my sd card.
Take a look at this post by scary; good stuff:


Here's one thread over at XDA that discusses apps2sd: how to get a2sd working? - xda-developers (and specifically this post: xda-developers - View Single Post - how to get a2sd working? is helpful).

Looks like a2sd / apps2sd (same thing) involves the apps2sd.apk app, partitioning your /sdcard to have an EXT2 or EXT3 partition, and possibly some busybox commands.

apps2sd is usually built-in / baked-in to a custom ROM and I've seen a few early custom ROMs where the devs didn't quite get things setup correctly and a2sd doesn't work. It does seem a little tricksy to use even when the ROM does fully support it (based on things I've read). There's also the issue of a2sd shortening the life of your /sdcard (due to the partitioning?).

I haven't seen an obvious or simple set of instructions for installing this on a non-custom, rooted phone like you are asking about. Perhaps the best bet would be to post a query directly on the XDA forums (Droid Eris Android Development - xda-developers) and see if anyone can direct you there (they would know best since that's where the devs hang-out).

Good luck.
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