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Troubleshoot Incoming Text Message Problem PLEASE

All, my wife and I both use Handcent SMS. If we are talking on the phone and a text message comes in, the phone call instantly ends. This happens on 1.5 and 2.1. To clarify, incoming text messages during a phone call causes both of our Eris phones to hang up on the caller. It really sucks!

What am I missing?
that is crazy, have you tried a factory reset? if not i would try that, if that doesnt fix it i would take it to the store and see what they say

We did Caddy. I thought maybe it had to do with how the phone handles an incoming text or call. Like an auto answer or something? Some setting that causes the incoming whatever to take priority and thus drop the call.

BTW - my MEID now shows 2.1 in the verizon system with v3 leak.
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nu uh, did you change it manually?

i just got word from my guy that even OTA'rs MEID are still showing the old s/w version, but it is showing their OTA update date.

My wife got OTA. In the system, her phone now shows 2.1 and the proper update date. My v3 phone showed wrong in the system until this AM. Now it shows 2.1 and updated at 3:31 AM. I did not receive a notification or anything on my phone. So.... who knows?
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