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Try again in 1440 minutes.


Jul 28, 2022
Hi guys,

I have a big issue with my Samsung Galaxy A21s. I set up a password for the lock screen a couple of days ago. Everything was working fine, but yesterday my phone randomly decided to lock itself for 1440 minutes (24 hours) after typing in my correct password once. I waited those 24 hours and tried again and it got locked for another day again. The password is 100% correct.

Or course I tried restarting the phone and booting it in safe mode, without success. I tried unlocking it on my computer via Google find my phone (I don't have a samsung account set up), but it appeared as offline, even though it is connected to wifi. I have to mention that it has airplane mode on which I can't turn off and NordVPN is installed. The phone has very few apps installed, such as Telegram, NordVPN and Instagram, no malicious third party applications...

I don't want to hardware reset the phone because it has very important things on it. Sending it to Samsung isn't possible as well, I don't have a bill for the product.

Please help
Was it new when you got it, or did it have a previous account.
With no data/wifi connection and no sim connection in Airplane mode, setting up a new password with Google (which also takes 24 hours plus to use) won't work either.

Only a factory reset in Recovery Mode will recover the device itself.
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