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Trying to decide whether this is the tab I want...


Jan 31, 2011
I'm low on funds right now but I can get a refurb gTab for around $150. I've looked at the generic or China Android tabs that are cheaper but I just don't think they'll hold up.

I like this one because it is modifiable and there seems to be a lot of positive response about it...

Do you think $150 is a good price?

Is there something else out there I should look at around the same price?

I've been skimming though a lot of the pages here just trying to see all the 'X vs Y' or 'Best Android Tabs' threads and still, I'm not sure...

I guess I'm just looking for a little confirmation...
They are pretty good units. I've had mine since October and am pretty happy with it. I run Brilliant Corners ROM. And if you search or ask for opinions on custom ROMs, you will get every opinion under the sun. Just read up and try a few and see what meets your needs.

I also tried the newest stock ROM update, build 5699 from 1/31/2012, which actually wasn't too bad. It just needed the market fix to be able to access all of the the compatible apps.
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