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Trying to turn off auto answer during bluetooth connection


Nov 8, 2011
Wife has a Verizon Samsung Charge phone that is linked to a Kenwood bluetooth system in our vehicle. She uses the bluetooth connection a lot to listen to Pandora on the phone while driving. However, when an incoming call comes in, it auto answers and immediately takes the call instead of letting her decide to pick it up or not.

How can I turn the bluetooth auto answer feature OFF for this phone?
I e-mailed Kenwood support directly regarding this and it does indeed appear to be something I have to adjust within my KOS-A300 equipment. For those that might have to do the same thing, here is the outline of how to do it within the Kenwood auxiliary equipment (KOS-A300) with Kenwood bluetooth adapter (BT-300):

1. Press the SRC button and select STANDBY.
2. Press the FNC button on the KOS-A300.
3. Push the Control Knob to the left.
4. Turn the Control Knob to select MENU and press the knob in.
5. Turn the knob to select AUTO ANSWER and press the knob in.
6. Pushing the control knob left or right, select OFF.
7. Press the FNC button to exit.

Hope this helps....
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