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Help Trying to understand my droid


May 18, 2011
My husband got me the Samsung Galaxy S for Christmas. I'm just now getting around to really trying to understand it. I'm having some difficulty with the 3G connection. Usually I'm on Wifi and that's fine, but then when I need to be on 3G it doesn't seem to work or go to automatically. I went to a Rogers store to find out what's what and they changed the sim card, and it worked for a couple days and then disappeared again. I can't seen to figure out how to make it work properly.

Also, when I first got the phone I put in contacts and my son was able to bring the pictures over from my facebook account to the contacts, but I don't know how he did that. I've been reading online trying to figure it out but I can't seem to. I know how to bring in the contacts from my facebook friends, however it's bringing in people who i've removed from my friends list and then I can't edit their information to add phone numbers.

Any advice?


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