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Turning off backups for a single picture?

I want to take a picture and don't want it backed up to unknown places that I lose track of it. I often find that things on the web are sticky (and maybe that's why they call it the web), that they're harder to undo than to do - to close an account, cancel a membership, get your name or number off a list, to remove something that has been auto-saved or auto-backed up.

Is there a way to take a picture on our phone that you know is not backed up to some cloud account? Alternately is there a way to get listed all such services I'm using? I generally say no but I may be using one or more of the following: AT&T, Samsung Cloud or Google cloud. It becomes too much to keep track of and there's always the chance I'm using some other.
there are not that many services that can backup photos, that it becomes hard to keep track of.....at least not for me. my only photo backup is from using Google Photos. sure there are services out there like microsoft's one drive or Google Drive or dropbox. but both drive and dropbox you would have to manually move photos there. it is not automatic. also you would need to have one drive installed and setup. so as long as you do not have that than you should be fine.

google photos are not shared with anything else so there is no stickyness as you decsribe. also you can turn off google photos from autobacking up. https://support.google.com/photos/answer/6193313?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform=Android
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