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Help Turning Off Cell standby

I have read the above threads and can't seen to find something that directly relates to my problem, although I may not completely understand some of the mentions things to do.

I have a Zenithink C93A Android version 4.1.1 and it IS rooted.

My battery life indicator shows the following after turning on the tablet.

1m 43s on battery
Cell Standby 62%
Screen 15%
Android System 15%
WiFi 10%

I don't have the Cell Phone dongle attached to the tablet.

I have put the tablet in Airplane Mode, as suggested, but it still shows that the Cell standby is using most of my battery power.

I have Juice Defender ultimate and have set the setting there as well to not have the Cell portion turned on.

Is there some way that I can completely disable the Cell System in the software. I will never use it on line, expect for the WiFi Network here in my home.

Help and suggestions will be welcomed!

I found the following script file since i wrote my question above.
Does anyone know if it will work with my android 4.1.1 version?

mount("MTD", "system", "/system");

Looks like it is exactly what is needed to remove the European phone stuff, which I think is causing the problem. If so, how about a step by step instruction on how to apply it.

If this works, it will probably be very helpful to many other users!

A big thanks,


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