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zenithink zt-180

  1. T

    Help 3G

    Hi everyone, I want connect my Zenithing C91 with 3G modem Huawei E303h-1 but i dont know how. please can you help me !!
  2. X

    ZT280 CallToArms for Linux Development

    Hello everyone, I'm new as you can see from the number of posts, but i have some knowledge of Linux as i've been using it for few years now. I've started making a new OS for our tablets by simply updating a Gentoo stage3 i've found in SlateDroid forum. I've managed to have few packages emerged...
  3. B

    Help Zt180102

    I got one of these given to me today with a broken digitizer. Unit wouldn't turn on so I opened it disconnected the digitizer ribbon cable. Got it to power up all the way to the android robot then it shut off. The red led flashes when charging but doesn't appear to be charging. LED did turn...
  4. H

    Help won't boot

    Hi, i left a mouse plugged into my zt-180 when i booted it up , and every since then , it stops just after displaying ht etext 'android....' i've tried pressing the reset switch (or poking a paper clip in it, but all just the same) when i look at how to completely reset the tablet...
  5. G

    Help Turning Off Cell standby

    I have read the above threads and can't seen to find something that directly relates to my problem, although I may not completely understand some of the mentions things to do. I have a Zenithink C93A Android version 4.1.1 and it IS rooted. My battery life indicator shows the following after...
  6. L

    Help please can anyone help

    I feel I have been a bit nieve as I bought a second hand epad android zt180... I guess you all know what im going to say next. I cant log out of google mail so therefore cant get any apps from market. I have contacted the guy I bought it off but surprise no reply. im at a loss can this...
  7. G

    Zepad ZT180v2 HoneyComb MOD v3 HYBRiD [Android0730/WinCE1.57]

    Hi found a link to this site that has this rom for the ZT-180-1 but dont want to put it on here if its against the rules, but it has preinstalled android universalroot to sort out the no connection to google account and also has the options to have dual boot of windows CE1.57, anyone let me...
  8. P

    Zenithink ZT-180: Missing power adapter

    Hi, I lost the power adapter of my Zenithink ZT-180. I'm searching for a similar, but I need to know the output voltage to avoid over-voltage. 12V?
  9. A

    Help Gmail & Marketplace stopped working

    I,m not sure if I've done something or its just happened but I've had a Zenithink ZT 180 for well over a year now, and after not using it for a month or so, my Gmail account won't sync & I can't get onto marketplace. Everything else appart from google works - even my Chrome lite app still...
  10. T

    Help Zenthink c91 problem help plz

    Got Zenthink tablet Model no. ZT280H13a Tried many firmware with still has the problem. I format memory card on fat32 file system download the relevant software I did extract the file copy the zt-update into the memory card then put the memory card into tablet restart it hold power...
  11. PacificaBren

    Help Zenithink C71 Upgrade

    I've ordered a C71 Upgrade as a Christmas present for my mother, and I have a few questions I'm hoping somebody can answer. First of all, when I Google reviews and comments on this tablet, I see people out there lamenting its lack of Bluetooth, yet when I look at it on Zenithink.com, I see them...
  12. A

    Help Flash Player was working but now....????

    Hi all. On my Zenithink C91 I had AFP 10.2 which was working great even allowing me to watch my Hulu account, which was great. Anyway today I tried to open Hulu and it said I needed 11.1 version and should download it here. I tried but the download link said my device doesn't support AFP. So I...
  13. Y

    Help ZT180 overvoltage

    Hello guys I had a problem with my tablet, I have basically plugged in the AC accidentally setted to 19volt and now seems that i've burned a diode. The tablet does not charge the battery anymore , of course , but continues to operate (until the battery holds). Now I would to know if I have to...
  14. E

    Help invalid download url

    Hi I have a zenithink ztpad and when i want to download games etc... it says invalid download url. i have not a clue what it even means. Please help!!!!
  15. A

    Help ZT-180 Won't flash, won't boot etc.

    I'm working on a friends ZT-180 (I'm a PC wizard but, know nothing about tablets) and, when it was given to me, when first turned on, it showed the penguin, then ANDRID_, then nothing. It only powered up with the cord plugged in, so I opened the unit up and the battery wires were cut. I...
  16. A

    Help Can't get past the penguin

    I'm trying to fix a friends ZT-180a e-pad and I've run into a problem. The very first time I turned it on, it powered up, showed a penguin in the upper left corner and then showed ANDROID_, then didn't do anything. I shut it down, and from then on, it freezes up with the penguin in the upper...
  17. R

    Root CUSTOM Rabid ROM ZT282 7" C71 E8_N1 De-odexed

    This is a ICS ROM with some build.prop and WiFi tweaks based off the stock 0709 release. The ROM has been de-odexed. I did not delete any bloat or add any apps. I wanted a full working ROM for everyone to play with as they want it. I will release a small patch with some more visuals and...
  18. P

    Battery and accessory for ZT280ET

    Where can I find a new battery and a car charger for my ZT 280E7 (version 7" 4.0?
  19. J

    Help Zt-102

    I have a ZENITHINK 10" ZT-102. I'm having a problem using the Built-In Storage space. There seems to be two partitions one (Internal storage) about 881 MB and another one called Nano storage which has nearly 6gb. I don't know to install Apps onto the nano storage drive instead of the...
  20. S

    Help Help... my ZT went from bonkers to frozen.

    Hello again... Well, today I was going to try and reset the ZT to see if it would stop running like crazy through all the apps, and when I turned it on it went frozen. Now I can't get past the first screen (where we unlock)... now what am I supposed to do? Could anyone help me, please? I tried...
  21. S

    Help ZT tablet going bonkers!

    Hello everyone! I'm new around here so, I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section (again)... Having some trouble with my 10" ZT ICS, android 4.0.3, kernel 2.6.34: If it's settled down (without moving), everything's ok, when I pick it up it goes 'bonkers'... starts running crazy...
  22. V

    Help C71 screen is freezing

    i am very happy that i found this forum, so here is my first post! I bought a C71 zenithink, from the first hours i have for 1-2 hours screen freezing and i dont have any obvious reason for that. I make a 10 hours regural use these last 2 days and tablet has some period that screen is not...
  23. Metroid Prime

    Zenithink ZT-180 FAQ

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. 1. Forum related questions. 2. Where is the Play Store app? 3. How can I improve the battery life of my Zenithink...
  24. Metroid Prime

    Root ZT-180 - All Things Root Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if...
  25. B

    Where to buy a C91 Zenithink ?

    Hi everybody, My first post here, because finally I want to buy a chinese tablet, very cheap, but a little scared. The Zenithink C91 Upgrade, seems to be the good choice. It is a brand, with a website, firmwares available, good feedbacks from users. I found on Internet this website...