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Sep 3, 2009
Can anyone quickly fill me in on the whole TV out situation. What kind of connector do I need? Can I use a Mini HDMI to HDMI? Or does it rather need to be Mini USB to HDMI? Anyone know where to find some cheap Mini to HDMI or Mini to Composite (Yellow, White, Red) connectors?

Please help, thanks!
There isn't a cable available yet.
It is not a HDMI anything.
Its a micro-USB cable which also has a female micro-USB port to let you charge while playing video and has 3 RCA connectors, video composite out and left and right audio.

The micro-USB connection is an HTC extension to the USB spec.
Closest thing I've found is a mini-USB video out cable HTC makes. But I haven't found a mini to micro USB converter that works with all 11-12 pins used in HTC's micro USB connection.
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