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Root Twenty-eights days from @root

We have a long weekend, a four day holiday, so I decided to organize my "Android Development" folder (granted the name is ambitious) before it gets too confusing. I realized from my files, today is my 28th day since root.

In 28 days, I downgraded a phone, rooted it, have installed four different ROM's on it (ARHD 6.3.3, CM 7.2, ICS 8.5 and BlackOut ICS v3.0). I also rooted a tablet, restocked it, flashed two ROM's (Overcome and DM9). Along the way I upgraded a Radio, learned to use back-up, freeze and other root apps and functions. All with little incident, thanks to advice from this forum.

Looking at the other post here, I can see that all have not been so fortunate. So I wanted to express my thanks again. It could have gone very differently without this forums support.
dont sell yourself short,ral. you have always asked questions and done research prior to doing anything. hopefully others may read this and learn from this example as it seems alot of the prollem posts(speaking generally,not specifically of the dhd forum by any means) come from not looking before you leap ;)

i would attribute alot(all) of your sucess to your thuroughness and desire to have an understanding of what you do before you do it :cool:

so thank you for being that type of user. i think i speak for all of us here when i say it is a pleasure conversing with you in the forums :)
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Funny, it was a problem with cm 7 bootloop that brought me here, and now i am hooked here too. Everyone is so willing to help each other, and no one makes anybody feel like they shouldn't be here, which is different to a lot of other forums. ;)

Yes...ask a simple question on certain other forums and they treat you like an idiot and say that 'answer' was posted before..search for it!:(
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