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Twitter app that indicates new tweets?

I have been sorely disappointed with the twitter apps on Android for one reason and one reason only: Not one of the twitter apps I have used has had any way of indicating which tweets are new and which ones aren't.

My only other experience with mobile twitter apps have been iPhone apps. On all of them whenever the app was opened the newest tweets were pointed out in some way. A lot of times is was with a highlighted background, but the best way I've seen was with a sort of "memory" feature. The app would remember which tweet you were viewing when you last had it open, and then when you opened it again it would show the timeline in the same place it had been when you closed the app and the newer tweets would be loaded on top of that. Several apps did it this way.

It seems goofy to me that not one of the Android programmers who have made twitter apps thought of something like this, so I have been assuming I am missing something. I use the Twidroid Pro app (on a Droid), and there is a setting in there that says "Remember Timeline position" so I made sure I checked that. It sounded like that would do what I described above, however it doesn't do anything that I've been able to see...

Am I missing something? Is there a twitter app out there that will do this? :thinking:



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