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Help Twitter & Facebook not working...


I got the Galaxy 7 Plus for Christmas and I've been having a problem using the Facebook, Hootsuite & Seesmic apps.

Facebook app is only good for reading status updates. When I tap on "status," I get a "Sorry! The application has stopped unexpectedly... -- Force close" msg

As for Hootsuite & Seesmic, both work fine for my Facebook accounts, but Twitter will not work for either one of those apps. Everytime I tap on any of my Twitter sections (mentions, home feed,) within Hootsuite, I get a "invalid token" error msg. Seesmic (again fine for FB) gives me an "unable to Log Into Twitter" error msg. :thinking:

I love my Galaxy, but I can't get those Apps to work (and I need them).

Was hoping for suggestions before sending it back to Samsung.

I have always thought the Android FB app was terrible. I only use it for uploading pictures from the cam.

I use the web browser to connect to Facebook, and I make sure it is not using the mobile version but the full version. I use Opera Mobile, and set my preferences for the browser to use the Desktop rather than Mobile versions of sites.

As far as the other apps I can't help you because I have not used them before.
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I just realized I wont be able to test Hootsuite very well. I installed it, and it comes up OK but I don't have a hootsuite account, nor do I do twitter or anything else other than facebook so I won't be able to help recreate your problem.

Hopefully someone else who is a user of these other things can give it a real workout. (but see my next post too)
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Try setting your time zone to another time zone, then set it back to your real time zone.

This for some reason has been shown to often fix those token/login problems in Hootsuite/Seesmic respectively. (sorry if you already tried this)

Do I change the date on my Galaxy or on the App? And if on the App, how would I do that? Thanks for your willingness to help me!
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Anyone still having this problem. I am having it on my Nook Tablet. Correct username and password, but getting the error. A search reveals a lot of people with this issue and the only solution I am seeing is the time zone. Not sure why Twitter would care what time zone you are in, but that didn't work.
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