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Two dates displayed on bootup

I've been having a number of problems with Android phones since a bout of hacking three years ago. My current phone is exhibiting yet another strange behavior, in that on bootup it shows two different dates, an incorrect one flashing briefly followed by the correct date. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this? I don't use these types of forums often, so thanks to any kind soul who might offer input.

Just curious bu why are you fixating on that first date? It's very brief, only a second or two, and then it's gone.
Personally, I only reboot my phones every few weeks or months even. And basically ignore the startup screens completely. It's just senseless, branded eye-candy of no consequence.
Why bother answering a question, if you're not actually going to answer the question?
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Why bother answering a question, if you're not actually going to answer the question?
i have no idea why it is doing that. the only fix i can think of is to do a factory reset or flash a firmware update. otherwise like @svim has said, it is really of no consequence, other than displaying a wrong date for a split second. and like @svim, i also rarely turn my phone off or reboot it. i will only do this on my note 10+ when it glitches...which is not that often....maybe once in a few months or so.
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It could be something as the manufacture date, baked into the device rom....

These are interesting ideas, but the phone is less than two months old and hasn't been doing this the whole time. I suppose I can try resetting it, but I was hoping to avoid that. I've had other problems with it, but this was the most obvious element and I thought I would at least ask about it. Thanks for the response.
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The device is pretty new.
Things change as the user installs apps.

Keep in mind that the apps that were active immediately upon boot when it was a week old have increased- maybe by quite a bit.

Every app that auto-starts on bootup slows the device incrementally while it is booting up.

So what you see can very well be only a nothing that you never noticed before you added what you now have on the device- not to mention that every app you or the system have used has grown and become a bit slower.

You may never notice such a thing, except for when you reboot the thing.

As the others have said, I also never reboot my devices without good reason to do so.

And my devices are all basically pure junk, except for the Motorola e6 I just got to play with- and by today's standards, it is basically the bare minimum.
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Why bother answering a question, if you're not actually going to answer the question?
Well there a countless posts in various help forums where questions have to be asked in order to provide any relevant suggestions. In this instance, it's puzzling as to why you're even so fixated on a non-issue like this. It's something that only flashes up on the screen for a second or two and has no consequence on anything that matters.
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Ha, moving mass amounts of files to a new device last night, and the old device choked and rebooted itself.

In frustration I watched the thing reboot, and what to my bloodshot eyes should appear?

The wrong date and time- for about two seconds- which then showed the correct time.


No, the clock and time portion of the device just must be towards the end of the list of apps that are qeued to autostart upon bootup.

The wrong time and date is shown, because the apps controlling such things have not fully started, linked to wherever they get their info from, and then displayed the correct date and time.

I have added multiple apps that start on bootup, so it is understandable that after 3+ years I am noticing this now.
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