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txt message not in conversation thread view


Sep 11, 2011
I just got my SG2 this weekend with Bell. Having a bit of trouble with the stock text messaging app.

There isn't any problems with the time stamp. All the time stamps on the text messages are correct, however the messages aren't showing up as a conversation threaded view. It's shown as.... all my messages sent are on the top and all the receiving messages are shown at the bottom. Any way to change that?

I prefer not to get another app for it because if I do, then the txt message will come through via both txt msg apps? Even if i shut off notification in one, I'm guessing the messages will still be shown in the stock app.

Help? Thanks
you can have gosms, hancent and stock all on your phone at the same time, but you will only have one text notification come through so long as you have only set 1 of these programs to do this. All sent/received messages can still be seen across all apps. However, I have the problem of all sent/received messages not being logged in the phone logs unless I use the stock app to send/receive.

As for your problem, I'm certain its a date problem. perhaps your friends phone is incorrectly set, or there is a DST setting kicking in which is internally adjusting the time
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I'm not really sure if it's a time stamp problem since the date and time I see my messages getting in and going out are the right time. However I did install sms time fix and use the "set to phone time" option and it worked. However, I guess I'll lose the ability to see when a message came thru if I'm in an area with no coverage since it only goes by the time the message is received by the phone. Not when it's sent out. Better than nothing I suppose. Thanks.
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